Meet The Team


We hope the following short bios provide a personal view of the new investors of CamperWorld by Osiris. Our biggest desire is to have you know we are  people just like you. We are thrilled to see, “The New CamperWorld by Osiris”, move forward with a revised and galvanized vision for a long-term, top-rated, successful company. Our ultimate vision is to provide a world of camping enjoyment, in newly refurbished facilities, and upgraded and augmented campsites, just for YOU in the wonderful world of family camping, with CamperWorld by Osiris.  Go. Stay!





Jared Westhoff - Owner / Manager

Raised in Spring Hill, Kansas, Jared came to Utah when he was 18. While working with his uncle, he fell in love with the history and geography of Utah, and stayed!


Jared has two decades of experience buying and improving real estate. His projects include: "fix and flips” of over 175 distressed properties; creating a Master Planned Community; building an RV park; owning and managing several commercial buildings, residential apartment buildings, and rental homes.

Jared has extensive experience with infrastructure planning including over 50 government approvals ranging from - annexations, zone changes, subdivision plat approvals, creation of a Local District (Utah’s first), planned unit development approvals and amendments, plat abandonments, conditional use permits, grading, encroachment, and building permits.

In 2017, Jared and his team acquired 24 acres in Escalante, Utah.  Within 60 days had it zoned into a PD development. The site included: RV’s (57), Cabins (25) and tent sites (35), commercial (3) and vacation homes (39). It took less than 6 months from acquisition to complete he project’s first phase of construction. Most recently, Jared has been able to get a zone change for 20 acres as a planned RV Park in Tropic, Utah. This project is in the final stages of construction drawings and planning.

Jared lives in Leeds, Utah, where he served four years on the town council, one year as Planning Commission Chair, eight years as a board member on a Local District, as well as eight years on a not-for-profit irrigation water company board. Jared’s wonderful wife Jenny has been by his side for 19 years. He enjoys being with his family of nine, coaching their basketball teams, riding horses, repelling, camping and hunting or just hanging out. 

Jared is, “....excited to be part of the new CamperWorld team! I feel like I live on a National Geographic set, and I’m pumped to be part of a team that regularly helps make lifetime memories, in the outdoors, for our CamperWorld by Osiris family!”


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Tom Souvall- Owner / Manager

Many will recognize Tom since he has been a CamperWorld member since 1980. Tom and his family were unfortunately part of the group who also lost their CamperWorld membership, but gratefully he is the one who started the initive to save the CamperWorld name and bring life to the RV properties he so dearly loves.


Tom is a native of Utah. Since having attended the University of Utah, he has been involved in land development and site construction.  As a licensed Real Estate Broker, Tom always seeks Win-Win-Win relationships. His expertise is in marketing, management, land acquisition, concept and master planning, lease and sale negotiations. 


Tom is an avid outdoorsman. He loves cycling, hiking and golf. Being insatiably drawn to the local mountains and canyons, it’s not uncommon to see Tom feverishly peddling up Big Cottonwood Canyon in the early morning. He has participated in the Huntsman Cancer Institute 140, he completed the Ultimate Challenge, which is listed as America’s toughest bicycle race, as well as the Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (LOTOJA ) America’s longest sanctioned bicycle race. The next cycling challenge he faces is the, “I THINK I CANYON”- four canyons in one day


Tom’s recent focus is enjoying the RV Campground Resort industry. He takes pride in having assisted thousands of RV owners to become, “Happy Campers”. He particularly enjoys the meaningful relationships he has cultivated with RV dealers along the Wasatch Front. Tom is pleased to be involved in the new ownership, and is working tirelessly to bring back our many previous participants to a fully functioning CamperWorld experience. 


Tom considers himself one of the luckiest men on the planet, where he spends quality time with his family and life long friends


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Alexander Souvall- Owner / Manager

Alexander Souvall is a multi-faceted individual! He recently graduated from Utah State University (USU) with two bachelor degrees, having majored in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, and having a double minor in Computer Science and Mathematics - Magna Cum Laude, no less!  While studying at USU he also received his Utah Real Estate license and has since been working with his father Tom.


His management skills started in student leadership, with three different Honors Societies; and served as both Treasurer and President of his fraternity. Alex seems to love hard tasks. Consider being on the “Concrete Canoe Team”, which incidentally took 5th place in the National Competition. Alex has made presentations to, and has worked with NASA to develop thruster designs for small satellites. 


As an avid Olympic Weightlifter, Alex qualified this year for the National Competitions. He is currently ranked as the  #1 Olympic Weightlifter in his class within the State of Utah. Alex is extremely passionate about seeing the world, and has a goal of traveling outside of the United States at least once a year. He is incredibly curious and is always looking for a new challenge to learn and grow. 


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Duane Munn- Owner

Duane Munn’s roots run deep in the farming industry. He worked alongside his father on their family farm over the last 50 years. He has worked land in Utah, Oregon and Washington. Since 1997 He has run Duane Munn & Sons Farms, LLC, with his son Shane.  Cumulatively, Duane his wife Susan and their family have farmed over 185,000 acres of land during a legendary career.


After farming 10 years in Oregon with his father and brother, they, along with a couple of neighbors, sold their farms and moved to Washington State and bought a 10,000 acre dry-land wheat farm; eight miles north of the Columbia River and 25 miles south west of the Tri Cities. There on their farm, the water is pumped from the mighty Columbia River by seven 2000 horse power turbine pumps. It amazingly irrigates their current 16,000 acre project. They have five farming operations within the project, plus an additional 8,000 acres of leased land. Onions are the main crop and the five farm units currently supply approximately 40% of the total onion crop grown in the state of Washington. We all have eaten their onions!


To maintain the integrity of their crop they control the produce until it arrives in grocery stores, and into the hands of the consumer. Duane and his son Shane operate a large packing shed with, “in-house marketing”. This eliminates the broker-middleman in the sales process of their crops. 


Duane and Shane have ownership in multiple produce supply groups including farming and irrigation supplies, seed processing, and packing facilities. They have a land development company based out of Cedar City, Utah called Zion Sunset Resort, and last, but certainly not least, CamperWorld by Osiris!



Shane Munn- Owner

While Shane runs the day to day operations on the farm, he is also very much involved in the long term decisions, operations, and plans for future growth in their various companies. He loves to work, and enjoys a challenge. As a young man of 40, he has a keen wisdom and business sense far beyond his years. He recently started a custom fertilizer and pesticide application business, W&J AG. LLC, and has enjoyed a very successful first year. 


Shane attributes his success to being hard working and dedicated. While he was taught hard work “right from the start”, he went on his own at age 19 and served a two-year mission for the LDS Church in San Antonio, Texas. When he returned home to attend college he chose to study the Agricultural Business and Soil Science, while at the same time farming with his father Duane.


Shane is married to his wonderful wife Emily and has a family of four children. They live on the farm,  not far from his parents.



Team Members

Tama Hughes- Office Administraton and Processing

Tama is one of our full time office personnel. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City where she currently resides. She enjoys sewing, quilting, reading and of course, being outside. The great outdoors calls to her to go hiking and bike riding, as well as planning camping and boating trips. Tana  completes all of our account processing.

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Travis Kolupanowich- Sales and Social Media Marketing Director

Travis is driven and motivated. Not long after graduating from high school, he moved from New Jersey to Utah. He has always made academic excellence and personal growth his priority. 


In May 2016, Travis graduated with dual degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from Utah State University (USU). He is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration through Western Governors University scheduled to graduate this Spring. 


Being a driving force in his university school government, as well as various service organizations, his involvement and achievements have been to his benefit. By wisely using his talents, he has become quite an entrepreneur. He recently launched an online Shopify store and is in the process of creating his own brand. Since graduating, it has been a desire of his to work in the outdoor industry. We are so pleased to have him on our team.


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Scott Westhoff- Software Engineer


Scott lives in Kansas, where most of the land is privately owned.  He vacations in Utah, because there are so many great places to enjoy.  When he is not hard at work; he can be found biking or hiking in the nearby Wildlife Refuge. Scott’s parents started the tradition of vacationing in Utah some thirty years ago.  Now Scott intends to continue the tradition with eight rambunctious adventurers of his own.





Campground Managers

Steve and Roxann Lewis (Echo Island)

Echo Island Campground Managers Steve and Roxann met and married in Portland, Oregon in 1981. They went camping in Canada for their honeymoon. In 1991, Steve and Roxann moved to Southern Utah to raise their children. 



Steve is a man of all trades! His resume includes: truck driver, mechanic, house builder, EMT, Wildland Firefighter, and Fire Chief. He enjoys: building and flying RC models, hiking, and sightseeing around the various areas they’ve lived.  Roxann has been a stay-at-home-working-mom who homeschooled their 6 children! She loves creating of all kinds of projects including, town social events, floats, parties, crafting, and decorating cakes. 


With 6 children, and 7 grandchildren, Steve and Roxann enjoy spending time with their family. Most family vacations were spent camping. With their life revolving around the outdoors, Steve and Roxann are delighted to be on the new CamperWorld by Osiris team. They look forward to the return of  previous members, as well as welcoming new members to join in the wonderful camping experiences at Echo Island! Go. Stay!






Charles "Chuck" and Andrea Swanson (Pleasant Creek Ranch)

Charles and Andrea Swanson have been married and working as a team for 43 years. Andrea
was born and raised in Utah and Charles “Chuck” was born in Washington and spent his youth
in Alaska. They have been fortunate to spend much of their lives in the outdoors camping,
fishing, hunting, and enjoying nature and its beauty with their 3 children and 17 plus grand and
great grandchildren. Chuck has spent most of his career in the machining industry and loves
creating and building things while Andrea has worked in Special Education positively impacting
the lives of disadvantaged students for over 40 years. Some of their pastimes include traveling,
square dancing, and spending time volunteering with their local senior citizens center and boy
scouts troop.

Robert and Julianne Rees (Lakeside)

Robert is from Provo/Orem, Utah. He served in the Air Force in Germany as an instrument nurse in surgery. He worked as a host at Lakeside for two summers before we became managers. He also worked with Gary and Carol Price at Knotty Pine and Hot Springs. We have managed the park for three summers. Julianne is from Washington State but has lived in Utah her whole adult life. She taught Home Economics and Physical Education in Panguitch Utah before her marriage. Both retired from working with mentally handicapped adults in the food industry for 20+ years.

Robert and Julianne have three children and eight grandchildren. Their first gandson is to be married in April of 2018 and are very excited for the wedding. 


Jackie and Curtis Powers (Zions Gate)

Curtis and Jackie have been married for thirty years and havefour kids and eight grandchildren. Curtis held a career as a truck driver for most of his life and drove all over the United States. Curtis can tell you how to get anywhere from where ever you are. Curtis was born and raised in Wyoming but Jackie was born in England but raised in California. When Jackie moved to Wyoming she met Curtis while she was working as a waitress. Jackieworked at The Outpost in Evanston for 16 years. When Curt reitred they bought a larger RV and went on the road for six months before ending up in Tooele where they lived for ten years and then linked up with CamperWorld. They interviewd with CamperWorld and before they knew it Curtis and Jackie were the managers at Zions Gate for CamperWorld in Hurricane, UT. In the past three years since they first moved to Hurricane Curtis and Jackie made many new friends and look forward to making new friends each and every day.